HSH Princess Natalya Grigorievna Eromina Youssoupoff is an academician (USA), doctor of science (Russia) and professor (UK) in history of literature and arts. Her Highness is published as a novelist, playwright and poet and has worked on radio and television.
Among her ancestors was the first famous Russian playwright and poet Alexander Sumarokov who at the behest of the Russian Empress Elizabeth became the first director of the Imperial Theatre in St. Petersburg in the eighteenth century. This produced the poetic pseudonym for Princess Natalya: Natalya Sumarokov.
Her work includes a stage version of her novel in verse Boyarynya Morozova.  The première of the opera Boyarynya Morozova with her libretto was staged successfully by the Royal Academy of Music in London in March 2003.
In 2009, Princess Natalya was awarded the title of Academician of the California Academy of Sciences for outstanding contributions to science, literature and education. Her Highness is also vice-president of the world association of poets, publicists and publishers (APIA).
For many years Princess Natalya has been active as an official member of Russian-British government commissions and committees.  She is the director of the International Charitable Art Foundation Prelude, which helps promote talented people in classical art. Her Highness has served as a director, co-founder, sponsor, patron or chairman of many institutions in the UK.
Currently Princess Natalya lives in London and continues her creative, social and charitable activities, including working on the creative literary side of The Prince of the Rocks.